December 2013 update: I'm no longer working as a photographer

In 2009, I launched a company that makes business software for photographers, and now that company is so successful that I've regretfully had to put my photography business on hold indefinitely. You can find out more about this change on my blog.

If you're looking for a photographer, I'm still in touch with many amazing photographers and would be delighted to recommend them to you if you contact me.

Miscellaneous Archive

The long and winding road

Posted in Miscellaneous at 10:44 on 05/01/2016

This is another picture from my recent trip to Iceland, taken just after the dawn vista near Breiðdalsvík that I posted a few weeks ago. After taking a series of exposures as the sun rose, I packed up and started to walk back to the van. Luckily, I managed to set up and take this picture before the other photographers who were up on the same hill as me made it down to the road.


Black sand beaches in Iceland

Posted in Miscellaneous at 08:59 on 21/12/2015

Iceland is famous for its black sand beaches, and this picture from Höfn is my favourite black sand picture from my recent photographic trip to Iceland. It's certainly free of anything that might distract you from its black sandiness, although it's starkness is a bit (to misquote Douglas Adams) black on black, with a hint of black and some black detailing.

Iceland black sand beach

Eystrahorn, Iceland

Posted in Miscellaneous at 09:00 on 20/12/2015

I've somehow ended up blogging two big vistas in a row, so I'm going to have to make up for this with some more intimate landscapes in my next few posts from my recent photography trip to Iceland.

This is is the spectacular Eystrahorn, in the south east of Iceland, and I took this picture on one of my most productive days of the trip: yesterday's dawn vista was from the same day. I think I must have started to get back into my photography but exhaustion hadn't started to kick in.

The second picture was taken at the same location, while I was walking along the black sand beach and looking for inspiration.



Dawn near Breiðdalsvík, Iceland

Posted in Miscellaneous at 10:04 on 19/12/2015

Here's another of my favourite images from my recent trip to Iceland. This was taken in the valley just to the North of the town of Breiðdalsvík, where I set up my camera next to this little stream and waited as the sun slowly rose and warmed up the vista in front of me.


Jökulsárlón iceberg

Posted in Miscellaneous at 15:05 on 13/12/2015

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to be able to travel to Iceland on a photography tour led by David Ward, Joe Cornish, and Daniel Bergman. I'll be posting more pictures from the trip as I finish processing them and find time to write them up, but I thought I'd start with one of my favourite pictures from the trip.


This is a small iceberg at Jökulsárlón, a large glacial lake on Iceland's South coast. I saw this image towards the end of the afternoon, and by this point I was feeling ready to call it a day. I was exhausted and feeling a bit down about my inability to see interesting pictures when everyone else on the tour seemed to be having enormous fun photographing lumps of ice, so I took myself off for a bit of a walk along the lake shore and eventually found the inspiration I so desperately needed in this wonderful specimen.

I love the contrast between the sharp, glowing edges of the ice and the softness of the water, which has been turned into a haze by a combination of rain and a a long exposure. More importantly, it perfectly captures the mood for me, which was all about finding beauty in a melancholy moment.