December 2013 update: I'm no longer working as a photographer

In 2009, I launched a company that makes business software for photographers, and now that company is so successful that I've regretfully had to put my photography business on hold indefinitely. You can find out more about this change on my blog.

If you're looking for a photographer, I'm still in touch with many amazing photographers and would be delighted to recommend them to you if you contact me.


Wedding photography seminars update & feedback

Posted in Seminars at 16:31 on 06/11/2008

My blog has been a bit quiet over the last few weeks, but that certainly doesn't mean that I've had a quiet life. In fact, I think I've been busier than ever before, adding a series of seminars for wedding photographers to the normal mixture of wedding photography and commercial shoots!

I'll be posting some of my recent photographic work in the next couple of days, but first a quick update on my seminars…

I'm two weeks into my three-week tour and everything's gone brilliantly. This is my first series of seminars, so I've been overwhelmed by all of the positive feedback and enthusiastic responses.

The course is aimed at photographers who have either just started out as wedding photographers or are thinking about getting into the market, but it's been fascinating to meet a real mixture of photographers coming along to my seminars and hearing about what they got out of them. I've had everyone from amateur photographers who are looking for guidance before they shoot their first wedding through to full-time wedding photographers looking for new ideas, plus a good selection of photographers who are already working in other genres and thinking about adding wedding photography to their already successful businesses.

Talking to all of the photographers who have been coming along has definitely been the highlight of the tour and I'm looking forward to meeting even more people at next week's seminars. There are still some tickets left for the Bristol and Birmingham dates, so follow the links below if you'd like to come along:

Tuesday 11 November: Bristol

Thursday 13 November: Birmingham

Finally, here are a few pictures to stop this from becoming another text-only blog post!



Did I mention that the feedback has been good?