December 2013 update: I'm no longer working as a photographer

In 2009, I launched a company that makes business software for photographers, and now that company is so successful that I've regretfully had to put my photography business on hold indefinitely. You can find out more about this change on my blog.

If you're looking for a photographer, I'm still in touch with many amazing photographers and would be delighted to recommend them to you if you contact me.


Light Blue Software discovers unannounced iPhone OS 3.0 feature

Posted in Light Blue Software at 13:33 on 19/06/2009

Apologies for the lack of pictures on here over the last couple of weeks, but now that the wedding season has kicked off and Light Blue: Photo has been getting so much great feedback from professional photographers, it's been hard to keep up with my blogging. I'll fix that really soon.

blogImage1Most of the photographers I know are iPhone owners and fans and - if you're anything like me - you've been dying to get your hands on the new iPhone OS 3.0 software. When I upgraded my iPhone on Wednesday night, I discovered a new feature that hasn't been mentioned on any of the tech news sites I read: phone numbers, email addresses and street addresses in the Notes field of an event in the Calendar app are now clickable links.

So, why am I excited about this? Light Blue: Photo v1.2 improved our iCal/iPhone sync feature, adding an instant auto-publish feature as well as publishing more information about shoots to iCal. In iPhone OS 3.0, all you need to do to call your clients, email them or look up their address in the Maps app is to go to the shoot in Calendar and click the appropriate link. It's about as cool as calendars can get. How cool you think it is depends on how much you like being able to keep on top of your schedule and contact your clients while out and about!

You can find out more from the Light Blue Software website.