December 2013 update: I'm no longer working as a photographer

In 2009, I launched a company that makes business software for photographers, and now that company is so successful that I've regretfully had to put my photography business on hold indefinitely. You can find out more about this change on my blog.

If you're looking for a photographer, I'm still in touch with many amazing photographers and would be delighted to recommend them to you if you contact me.


Moving on

Posted in Miscellaneous at 14:14 on 07/11/2015

Well… two years without a blog post. That doesn't look good, does it? Let's fix that with a very quick recap of what I've been up to since then.

All the way back in 2009, I launched a new business that was indirectly related to my photography business. Light Blue Software grew out of a system that I wrote to run both my wedding photography business and Helen's children's photography business. So many things seemed to fall into place at the same time: I'd recently gone full-time as a photographer; lots of the other professional photographers I knew were (politely but repeatedly) hassling me to let them use my system; and I'd recently got to know Hamish, who turned out to be an ideal business partner in the way that his skills complemented mine.

The new venture went well, albeit starting off slowly: Hamish and I bootstrapped the company, reinvesting our profits and never needing to take any external funding. Somehow, we both managed to find time for both Light Blue Software and our other work, and my wedding photography business kept on growing.

Inevitably, there came a point when I had to decide: was I going to let Light Blue Software take over my working life, or was I going to carry on working as a photographer? Photographing weddings was very fulfilling work, both creatively and in terms of the lovely couples I was lucky enough to be working with, but creating a completely new business seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up.

It took a while to put a plan into place, but I started taking on less photography work and eventually stopped taking bookings altogether. Now that both Hamish and I are working full-time on it, Light Blue Software has been going from strength to strength.

I still haven't worked out what I want to do with this site now that I'm not actively running a photography business. I don't want to abandon it entirely, especially because I want to maintain a home for all of the work on my blog, and also because I'm currently able to pass photography enquiries that I receive onto some great photographers that I've got to know over the years. I also keep on fantasising about resurrecting my photography business, even if it's highly unlikely that I'll ever find the time to do that.

While I'm still working that out, I'm going to try to post on here at least semi-regularly. If nothing else, I've got some pictures from a recent trip to Iceland to share, and I hope that putting them on here will help me to continue rediscovering the joy of being an amateur photographer again!